The legend of Hermes and its silk scarves

It is the consistent aim of Hermes Hermes to make all products beautiful and faultless. At present, herm herm has 14 series of products, including Hermes Hermes leather, Hermes hermes bags, Hermes Hermes scarves, Hermes Hermes clothing series, Hermes Hermes perfume, Hermes Hermes watch and so on. Most of Hermes Hermes products are handmade and meticulously made, no wonder that there is a person of Hermes Hermes. The product is a work of profound thought, noble taste, rich connotation and exquisite craftsmanship. Through its spread to more than 200 stores in more than 20 countries and regions in the world, these Hermes are integrated into the fast – paced modern life to bring the world back to the traditional and elegant embrace.

After more than 160 years of vicissitudes, Hermes’s Hermes family has been famous for its brand name after several generations of joint efforts. As early as twentieth Century, Hermes Hermes became a typical representative of French luxury consumer goods.

In 1920s, the founder of the founder of Thierry Hermes’s grandson, Amir, used to evaluate the Hermes brand: “leather products make a great tradition of sport and elegance.” Hermes Hermes is only a Paris City, a specially decorated and decorated horse shop for the carriage. At the Paris exhibition held in 1885, Hermes Hermes won the first prize for such products. Since then, Emil Charles, the son of Hermes Hermes, has built a store, producing and selling saddles and other items, and has started the retail business.

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