Hermes classic bag story

The famous HERMES handbag Birkin Bag is named after the French actress Jane Birkin. A chance encounter on an airplane made Mr. Jane, chairman and chief executive of the HERMES, recognize the original Birkin. During the conversation, Jane Birkin explained that she did not use the Kelly bag because the bag of the Kelly bag was so narrow that she could not put in the baby’s diapers, milk bottles and other debris. To this end, Mr. duer brainstorm a large capacity Birkin Bag. Since then, HERMES has also had an indissoluble bond with Jane Birkin.

With both elegant and practical Birkin Bag, it can not only show the ability and confidence of modern women, especially in the leisure time, the Birkin Bag suitable for travel is easier to match and is full of fashion sense and is favored by the public. In addition, due to the large capacity of Birkin Bag and easy placement of documents, there are many career women pursuing high taste to use it as a briefcase.

Birkin Bag has two styles of soft bags and hard packages. There are three sizes of different sizes for consumers to choose from. Because Birkin Bag and Kelly Bag are also derived from saddle bags, they are similar in appearance. But it is easy to see that the bag of Birkin Bag is wider and deeper than the Kelly Bag, and the cover bag of the handbag is also modified into three pieces that are natural and sharp.

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