Hermes plans to make high-end watches

In this 3000 square meter luxury fort, Delhotal found an interwoven double H pattern in the main elevator. It symbolizes the combination of the two families of Herm Herm s and Hollande, the grandson of the founder of the company, Emile s Julie and Herm Hollande. Philippe Delhotal chose to use the logo as the basis for the design of the new flying flywheel, using the Arceau case and the La Joux-Perret for the design and production of Hermes.

Luc Perramond, the chief executive of Hermes, introduced to the Europa Star world list that the watch is the second Tuo wheel series of the brand and the first flying flywheel. “In 2010, we used the Vaucher Manufacture’s GT heart to produce a flywheel watch in the Cape Cod series,” he recalls, “but this time we wanted to design a flying flywheel. Because we always seek the best craftsmen, and La Joux-Perret has international expertise in the production of the Tuo flywheel, especially the flying flywheel, and we decide to cooperate with them. ”

Arceau Lift marks the beginning of new directions for Hermes. The calmly designed high-end tabulating just replenish the blanks outside the exquisite workmanship displayed in the straw workmanship mosaic style. “This will be another design that uses what I call” traditional complex functions, “Mr. Perramond explained.” here I am referring to the processes that are well known and provide good technical performance. We need to develop a wider range of products, and at the same time we must not forget the originality of the “timeout” watch.

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