Hermes Pendulette full leather clocks

At first glance, this clock is deeply attracted by its wonderful classic Hermes red and special leather material. This is the Pendulette full leather clock that herm Hermes launched this year. It shows the idea of Hermes in a lofty attitude, which fully highlights the color of Hermes’ loyalty to the saddle process, and the superior quality and long tradition of the brand in leather making.

As a matter of fact, the prototype of the “full leather clock” came from the 30s of last century, after decades of years, and now it has become today’s “mini version”. It has retained the features of the old style, including the embedded timetable, two rhodium plated metal pointers, the set keys on the core, and the “H” alphabet showing the brand logo. On the chain key, all these classical techniques have marked the time stamp for the complex engraving.

Hermes put the bell shell in the center of the 9 layer of leather, and then wrapped a layer of decorative leather to protect the bottom of the bell, and sewed it on the bell with a dyed cowhide to provide a solid frame for the clock.

Just as the traditional “high clock”, all the processes of the Hermes “full leather clock”, including the “saddle needle and step sewing”, combined with the natural linen and exquisite craftsmanship, are done by hand. This “mini version” full leather clock is the embodiment of outstanding strength and extraordinary creativity since Hermes.

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