Identification and Maintenance of Hermes Bags

An Hermes Canvas Handbag bought more than 10000, because the capacity is large and durable, this price is acceptable, but why does a wallet sell more than 10000? In fact, in the Hermes world, the price is very much related to the number of storeys. The more layers, the more design and manpower needed to invest, the more expensive the price. The number of wallets is much higher than that of Hermes canvas bag, plus the use of leather materials, the price is also tens of thousands.

In the place of the Hermes canvas handle, it is also clear to see a “H” letter weaving, because it is finished in the process of weaving, so it is more expensive than woven fabric and hand embroidery. “H” is printed on the metal zipper of this herm’s handbag, but it can’t be the most important factor in identifying real Hermes, because before 1965, some Hermes products did not have the letters of “H”.

Looking at the Hermes Canvas Handbag, we can find that the weaving of the canvas is not so simple as the flat stitch. The weaving method is made of two lines of different directions, which is one of the most expensive reasons.

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