The precious history of hermes

In 1837, Thierry Hermes, who was born in Germany, founded its own harness manufacturing company in Paris. Its first business was to make collars for horses. In order for the horse to wear the most necked collar, Thierry Hermes spent a lot of time and effort, meticulous, and finally won the first class business medal in the 1867 world leather exhibition. Since then, Emil Charles, the son of Hermes, has built a store, producing and selling saddles and other items, and has started the retail business.

However, the family business, which started with the manufacture of the harness, changed greatly when the car came out. The third generation successor, Emile-MauriceHermes, traveled abroad to the United States during the first World War. He witnessed the end of the period of carriage and the rise of the automobile industry. He made two key decisions: first, the main force was to be the main force. Goods are transferred from saddle to handbag. Two, even if goods are changed, the manufacturing process still insists on traditional handwork. It is said that each handbag is made on an average of at least 13 hours, or even a year and a year. Which craftsman is marked on the inside, and the same craftsman will be responsible for maintenance and maintenance in the future. This adherence also indirectly prompted the emergence of Kelly bag and Birkin bag named after the princess’ Grace Kelly and the actress Jane Birkin. These two bags could be said to be the most popular and popular bags in the history of fashion.

Under the control of the third generation of Charles-EmileHermes, herm Hermes not only did not be on the verge of elimination, but instead launched a leather suitcase and a “saddle needle step” suitcase, creating a new style of the spirit of love horse, which made herm Hermes experienced a reborn growth and established his own unique style. Since 1951, Hermes has been taken over by Emile-Mauriceermes’s son-in-law, RobertDumas. Since 60s, Hermes has also introduced perfume, suit, shoe ornaments, porcelain, watches and table ornaments and so on. It has become a representative of high taste across the whole life.

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